Fulfillment Centers

Easily manage the complex and dynamic supply chain network with aCommerce to ensure the product makes it securely to your customers. Securely store your goods in one or more of our 11 state-of-the-art fulfillment centers totaling 33,300 square meters across Southeast Asia.

aCommerce is experienced in navigating the complex infrastructure of each Southeast Asian country. No matter the business size, we have the know-how to take e-commerce operations from market entry to full scale.

In-Store Fulfillment

Track your company’s inventory and manage SKUs directly using data from your brand’s physical store. Maximize the reach of your stock, save on shipping costs, and your retail associates’ time by implementing aCommerce in-store fulfillment capabilities.

Turn your store into a fulfillment center for online orders to take advantage of your offline presence and use stock to simultaneously sell online and offline.

Outsourced Fulfillment Center

aCommerce fulfillment centers use connected IT to systemize and automate processes for full warehouse management capabilities. Cut your business costs by outsourcing fulfillment to a specialist.

Our fully equipped fulfillment centers can easily accommodate spikes in your company’s order volume especially during holiday season or special campaigns. aCommerce team of operations veterans will execute quality control and ensure products are delivered safely to your end customer.

Custom-Built Fulfillment Center

Brands that want to accommodate bigger order volumes can build their own fulfillment center through aCommerce. Our team will design and customize a warehouse based on your specific business needs. From supplier management and process flow, we handle the end to end process of building your supply chain.

In-House Fulfillment

Through aCommerce in-house fulfillment services, we bring our specialized technology to equip your facilities with cutting edge Warehouse Management System and our Transport Management System, Smartship™, to optimize your processes without disrupting current operations.

Ecommerce Supply Chain Strategy

Our supply chain professionals are here to help. Receive complete consultation plans devised specifically to meet your business needs. We understand the market and have access to the latest warehouse software and research to optimize operations processes, calculate gross projections, propose regional solutions and make sure your growth is sustainable.

We provide country specific guidelines for regulation in order to help our clients localize. Whether you want to start ecommerce operations or add more capabilities to your warehouse, our strategies allow you to achieve your business goals.

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